“Keeper of the Keys.”

(Thomas likes to eat from the top down.)

I am in charge of the food in my house. I shop, cook and serve the food. There is a lot of power in that. As you know, I have basically gone no gluten, no sugar and now one glass of wine.  My family is mostly gluten and sugar free.

This morning I made Thomas his shake along with smoked salmon, goat cheese, ghee on the rosemary blender bread. He ate the whole thing. I could give him a bowl of cereal and he would eat that too. The smoked salmon is a much better choice for him.  Thomas has had so many medical issues in his life. His health and well being is very important to me. He takes the best supplements on the planet as well.

Smoked salmon , goat cheese, grain free bread! Great way to start your day!

Smoked salmon , goat cheese, grain free bread! Great way to start your day!

I have put together a 7 days…Feel Fabulous program with Holistic Chef Ivone. We have lots of great tips and recipes to share. We are creating a wonderful supportive community. Wouldn’t you like tons of energy and to be feeling fabulous?  It is not too late to join us. Click here for more info.

5 thoughts on ““Keeper of the Keys.”

  1. Hello Mary, I clicked the link for more info about your program but after reading the page I feel like I would like more info. 😀 On the other hand I really, really appreciate that there weren’t pages and pages of information to wade through. Your email says great tips and recipes as well as an online support group and although that seems self-explanatory I still find myself wanting to know more before making a commitment. Is there a start date? How will this work? Daily emails? A shopping list? A week of prep before the start? Recipes for three meals a day? Vegetarian or ? Stuff like that. 

    Thank you, 

    Mary Beth Bruce 

    P. S. The cost is super-reasonable

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  2. Thanks for all of your questions. You commit to 7 days of No sugar, No grains, No alcohol. We have a secret Facebook group where we have live videos. They were live. Daily posts to support you. Recipes and tips posted there as well.It is great to be part of a group. You can change how you feel in a short period of time. The group started Monday. Also have people joining late. You can adjust your protein if you are a vegetarian. We give recipes and guidelines for the week. We don’t give recipes for each meal. Does that help? Join us, you will be glad you did.

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