‘Tis the season!

‘Tis the season, when I start wanting Chocolate chip cookies. In the past, I loved to bake the best chocolate chip cookies! I would eat them! My family would eat them, I would give them to my neighbors and the mail man. I would tell them that they were the best chocolate chip cookies!

Friday, Tom and I went to the Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. Tom picks out the tree.tom and the tree

They are usually a little on the small scrawny side but that is what we love. At least I do! “The Charlie Brown tree.”


Yesterday, we decorated the tree, lots of lights, a few ornaments and dried hydrangea from the garden. I noticed, I really wanted cookies. It is a strong memory from the past, my childhood, my grandmother…. It goes way back.

I didn’t bake so I didn’t have any cookies in the house. I made a chocolate nutrimeal instead AND for a real treat I threw in a frozen banana.  It helped. I am making better choices. In the past, I would end up with a yeast infection in January because I ate so much sugar. I do it differently now and I will still enjoy a few cookies this December. I will also enter the New year, healthy, vibrant and FIT!  How about you?