Sneakers are in!

Hair, Make-up and Fashion!  I did a post on make-up, hair and now fashion.

I finally feel really comfortable in my own skin. I am finding clothes that feel good and I am comfortable wearing them . Did you know? Sneakers are in!  Is that the best news ever? Here is the latest video.

I talked about Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott in the video. Jennifer loves to wear dresses and an apron if she is making dinner or cleaning the kitchen. She also loves her ballet flats. She never even mentions sneakers and I never wore a pair of ballet flats. The point is she has found what she loves and I have found what works best for me.

Live a Passionate Life

Live a Passionate Life


Here is Eve Ensler interviewing Dr. Christiane Northrup in her Adidas! You can’t tell from the picture but take my word for it:)

 Fit and Fabulous Women

Fit and Fabulous Women

( Thank you once again, image consultant, cinematographer Wendy Cettina.)

Wendy S. Cettina Original Designs

Wendy S. Cettina Original Designs

Fitness is my Fashion Statement! Optimal Health and Feeling my best is a top priority. Do you want to learn more? Fit and Fabulous.

One more link…Regena Thomashauer Looking fabulous in her sneakers!

That is it for now! I would love to hear from you. Do you have a favorite pair of dress up sneakers?



Sneakers are in!

Sneakers are in!


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