Roasted Chicken on Mixed Greens, Cashews, Bacon and Orange Dressing!

Low-glycemic eating keeps your blood sugar stable, your hormones happy and promotes great health!I  follow a low-glycemic diet with very little grains.

Here is a typical lunch, bacon is an added bonus. I usually have left-over dinner on a bed of greens. I have been making different dressings to keep the salad interesting!

Salad dressing:

Juice of one orange

Juice 1/2 Lime

2 tsp maple syrup

1/4 cup olive oil

salt and pepper

Whisk it together and serve!

Roasted Chicken on mixed greens with cashews and no-nitrate bacon!

Roasted Chicken on mixed greens with cashews, no-nitrate bacon topped with a orange lime dressing!

I posted last week that I started on A-MA-TA, Dr. Northrup’s new product to help with Menopause symptoms. I am slowly weaning off my bio-identical hormones and so far so good. I am also doing the healthy gut protocol to help with the process.

Health Coach Tip!

Low Glycemic Diet +Exercise + High Quality Supplements = Optimal Health!

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