Plant your lettuce and make a salad!

People say organic is expensive, you can buy a packet of seeds and grow heads of lettuce!

I invited myself over to Rosanne Monroe’s Organic garden on Sunday because I wanted to be inspired! I love creative passionate people and Rosanne is one of them. She loves to garden, grow her own food and make delicious meals from it. You never leave her home empty handed.

Eating organic healthy food is so important and to love the process is even better.

Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!

Here is a short video of Rosanne in her garden…the birds singing in the background and the church bells ringing are the perfect background sounds!

“I put the seeds in the ground and ten days later MIRACLES HAPPEN.” Rosanne Monroe

If you are inspired to plant please share and post your comments.

(Special thanks to RED our camera guy!)

Thank you!



PS. Grow your lettuce, make a salad, eat a salad and take your vitaminsšŸ™‚

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