A 78 year old tennis pro!

This is Ingrid Rehwinkel! She is a 78 year old Tennis Pro! She  is looking forward to her new age group and being able to compete against the 80 years old! She is part of my Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional Community!  She brings an amazing attitude to every workout! Love her!



She inspires and motivates us all!

4 thoughts on “A 78 year old tennis pro!

  1. Ingrid is 78? Not sure I believe it! She looks amazing and vibrant! If this is true, I’ll have what SHE’S having, please!!!

  2. Ingrid is my instructor and I can assure you, she is indeed 78 and has inspired me to start learning to play tennis at 48. I have never played before and she is so full of positive energy and patience with me. I just love her enthusiasm for life! She is now my new benchmark.

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