Two Birthdays and A Wedding!

My weekends are usually pretty calm and restorative. I like to get in a good two hour nap.

This weekend was exceptional.  2 birthday parties and a wedding. Of course, it included lots of fun eating and drinking. Cake, ice cream, popcorn, red wine and the decadent list goes on. It is amazing how quickly you can get sucked back into all of the sugar in just 2 days!

Small changes can get you back on track. Last night, I skipped the glass of red wine and had lots of roasted vegetables and chicken sausage for dinner. This morning, I had my delicious morning smoothie and a cup of french pressed coffee. Instead of my usual second cup of coffee around ten I had a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

A lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

A lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

I watched my video on MY PROGRAM to get it back together. I would love for you to join us. This will be your last program because it works. As you can see you can have your cake and eat it too! Is that the saying?

I mentioned two supplements to support the health of your liver and the rest of your body. It is especially important during times of over  indulgences. These are the tools in my tool box.

You can make small changes good or bad. Your  choice.