You don’t have to give up your favorite chocolate cake!


I don’t want to become a vegan and give up  a yummy hamburger or delicious chocolate cake.

A few years back, I was thinking about how I have lost the coziness in my life. It is coming back because I am learning to allow myself to enjoy the small things in my day.

I have been reading and highlighting Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup. ( I love when I borrow friends books that are highlighted. I can see what they are interested in.)  I am sharing my highlights with you. This really struck me and is so important to share.

“You don’t have to swear off chocolate, rich foods, or alcohol completely to be a goddess of pleasure. In fact, studies of healthy centenarians show that these individuals enjoy things like alcohol, cigars and chocolates as rituals of pleasure.” Dr. Christiane Northrup

This can be done on a daily basis, if it is done mindfully. You sit down and have a small delicious organic cup of coffee with a piece of dark chocolate. You sit and enjoy. You are not in your car, multi tasking drinking a big gulp. Huge difference. You sit down and enjoy a glass of red wine in a beautiful wine glass. You are savoring  and enjoying not drinking because you are angry and had a stressful day.

This is where the coziness comes in as well. It feels very cozy to sit and enjoy a delicious treat. If you are going to have a treat buy the best you can buy. Don’t buy something cheap and processed.

Every evening, I enjoy a glass of red wine in my Grandmother’s crystal wine glass. My latest favorite is Live a Little organic Red. It has a pretty label and I like it:)

Live A Little!

Live A Little!

What are the simple pleasures in your day? Please share.  I would love to hear from you.

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