A Clean Home = Peace and Calm!

What does a  clean home have to do with being Fit and Fabulous? I have been reading about cleaning schedules, decluttering, and sparking joy all at the same time. I feel so much better when my house is in order inside and out! When it is not I feel cranky, agitated and a bit overwhelmed.

I have been working on a schedule that works for me. I don’t want to spend too much time everyday cleaning. 1/2 hour tops. It is good to step away from the computer and move. No one bothers me when I am doing chores.

Back to Fit and Fabulous…I know when I am peaceful, calm and happy I eat less. I start to let a few pounds drop as well. This winter I was holding on to the weight. I know being cranky and agitated increases your cortisol levels and tells your body to hold on to the FAT! It is so great when it all becomes an easy process where you don’t  think about it.

I joined Andreea Fegan’s month of Minimalism Challenge and her Simple, Healthy, Decluttered Living public Facebook group.  I ask myself why am I spending time doing this? Taking pictures, posting, and encouraging others to join the group. It brings me joy, happiness AND it is fun! Today, I posted about what the best mop is for hard wood floors and I got an answer.  So great!

A Clean kitchen window with no curtains. Let the outside come inside.

How do you bring peace and calm into your life?

It is not just about a clean home. It is important to feed your body the right food. Do you need a jump start to releasing Fat?

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I am going to   run around my new mop. Very Exciting!

3 thoughts on “A Clean Home = Peace and Calm!

    • I bought a swiffer. I resisted a Swiffer because it felt like a waste to be using and throwing the pads away.

      Here are the directions from Andreea. I don’t use a mop (since when they dry sometimes they smell stinky)…I had a Swiffer and I ran out of the cloths years ago – I now use old bath rags that no longer work as bath rags (they’ve thinned out) and use that instead…and no waste since you just wash them and re-use them. I vacuum or broom first, then wet the rag, put it on, then spray the floor with diluted thieves cleaner and the mopping for the top of the house takes under 10 minutes. It’s great!
      You could also use diluted vinegar.
      Have Fun!

  1. I bought the swiffer and it came with 3 wet and dry pads. I am done with the wet pads. I haven’t tried the washcloth idea yet. I am excited too! The disposable pads feel so wasteful!

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