Day 2 Breakfast!

Day 2 Balance Your Hormones.

Today’s tip is to have protein and healthy fat for breakfast. This morning I had organic cottage cheese, flax oil, ground flax seed,  topped with pumpkin seeds roasted in ghee, turmeric and black pepper! It is so important to keep your blood sugar balanced especially first thing in the morning. It sets you up for the whole day! budwig-diet_3x2

Tonight, I am making hamburgers and mashed cauliflower. I love making the hamburgers with grass fed beef, pumpkin seeds and spinach mixed it. The mashed cauliflower is another Danielle Walker recipe. Against All Grains.against-all-grain

Have you noticed any differences yet? Last night I slept better and not so many hot flashes!

Carry on!

Would you like to join me?  Gluten, sugar and alcohol free for 30 days! So much easier with friends! Dr. Northrup says we will feel changes quickly. Balanced hormones are key to fabulous health!

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