Radiance, Vitality and Wellbeing!

I have been a member of Team Northrup and Usana Health Science for 8 years now! Each month we have a telegathering on different subjects. The next telegathering is close to my heart and I wanted to share the opportunity with you. You will go away with an actionable plan to begin living agelessly today. I know Dr. Northrup loves High intensity training, maybe the plan includes Burpees. I think that is just my plan:)

February Telegathering/ Ageless Living: the secret prescription for radiance, vitality and wellbeing.

Tuesday, February 17th
8:00pm -8:30pm EST
Free Telegathering
Have you ever heard someone say “act your age” or “I’m too old to…” or how about “at my age…” The social stigmas around aging are everywhere. However, aging does not have to mean a decline in health and vitality. Join leading women’s health pioneer Christiane Northrup, M.D. with her sister Penny Northrup Kirk, co-founders of Team Northrup, for an intimate 30-minute discovery and learn how to get older without aging, the 3 emotional wounds that keep you stuck and how to heal them, plus an actionable plan to begin living agelessly today!
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