The importance of hanging with healthy friends!

I had 2 of my friends come over this morning. We had a small cup of coffee while we talked about getting off of coffee. We did Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10 day detox together two months ago and now we have slipped back to some of our old ways. I think it is important to connect and raise each other up.

As you know, if you read my last post, I would like to get off my bio-identical hormones and replace it with a-ma-ta. A-ma-ta is Dr. Northrup’s new product which is  an plant from Thailand that has been used for years to support women’s health through Menopause.  Dr. Northrup was having a Live facebook Q&A and I asked her about it being an adaptogenic substance. Here is her response. “There are 2 kinds of estrogen receptors– alpha and beta. Those things that combine with the alpha receptor results in cellular growth. Those that combine with the BEta receptor actually PROTECT the tissue. Pueraria mirifica ( in amata), acts as a SERUM ( selective estrogen receptor modulator) thus protecting bones and breast tissue. But providing the “good” benefits of estrogen without the risks. No other phytoestrogen on the planet is as effective as the unique ones found in PM.”

I am excited to get started!

I called my friends because I know I want to clean up my diet, so I have the best opportunity of getting off the hormones. I do so much better if I am connected to a group. Accountability is a good thing. I am going to reduce the caffeine , alcohol in my diet  and focus on feeling my very best!

I will be posting helpful tips along they way not only to support myself  but also to raise each other up.

Health Coach Tip

My morning smoothie

(based loosely on  Dr. Hyman’s recipe.)

2 cups of coconut water

1 spoonful of organic nut butter (changes…almond or cashew)

1/2 organic lemon (Vitamix is amazing..I throw the whole thing in)

1/4 avocado

3 scoops of (Usana’s Nutrimeal Free)

1 packet Probiotic (I love Usana’s because you don’t need to refrigerate it)

1 scoop of Fibergy (“this product not only has fiber to help with detoxification but also prebiotics which feed the probiotics and make it easier for them to populate your intestines.” Thank you Dr. Deb Kern for that info.)

1 scoop of organic ground golden flax seed (provides omega 3 fatty acids , more FIBER and I like the golden color!)

I buy the coconut water, lemons, avocado, flax seeds at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. The Usana products you can get here.


Morning Smoothie!

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