Here are a few questions for you to answer.

Do you find yourself unable to control your eating, especially when it comes to
sugar and refined carbohydrates?

Are you ready to let go of the bloated, puffy feeling that seems to
accompany you everywhere you go?

When the clock strikes 3:00pm do you find yourself in an afternoon haze,
unable to focus, get the energy to do anything, and wishing you could either
take a nap or stuff your face with sugar and caffeine (which you often
actually do?)

After dinner do you continue to open the refrigerator and pantry doors,
never feeling satisfied and continuing to eat until your head hits the
pillow at night?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above,  I can help you.

It’s time to RESET.

“Weight loss is entirely possible any time you make a resolution to lose
weight. Keeping your blood sugar stable and avoiding deprivation are absolutely
essential to success. There are many, many ways to do this. But as a physician,
I’ve rarely seen a program as easy and effective as RESET.” – Dr. Christiane

Create a healthy lifestyle that works.

So many people make a decision to make a change at the beginning of the year.
Yet so many of us find ourselves going back to our old ways within a week or
two.  I can help you stick with a program that works.

RESET is a clinically-proven, 5-day high-fiber cleanse that actually RESETs
metabolism and ELIMINATES your sugar/carb cravings as you:

* detox

* boost your mood

* increase your energy level

* balance your hormones

* improve your sleep

* increase clarity

* and release fat!

Doctors and health-care practitioners worldwide such
as women’s health pioneer, Christiane Northrup, M.D. and nutritional
medicine expert, Karen Wolfe, M.D, recommend RESET.

Release unwanted weight.

People who do the RESET program loose between 5 and 10 pounds during the
5-day, high-fiber cleanse. It’s a great way to lose excess
weight gained during the winter or kick-start a larger weight loss goal. We
will hold your hand through implementing healthy lifestyle habits that result
in weight loss.

Get rid of your carb and sugar cravings.

RESET retrains your body using the principles of low-glycemic eating so that
you no longer crave sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Join me to ensure your success.

Studies show that when it comes to losing weight and creating lasting change in
our habits and lifestyle, partnering with even one other person increases your
chances of success dramatically. We are putting together a group of people who
want to get rid of their carb cravings and lose a few pounds (or more). We’d
love to have you!!! If something deep inside you is saying YES let
me know right now .Join our group today and make a commitment to
a lifetime resolution.

Keep it simple. Keep it easy.

RESET doesn’t require juicing, fasting, intricate food preparation, starving
yourself, being in the gym for hours at a time, or paying thousands of dollars.
It’s 5-days of GLUTEN FREE,  low-glycemic meal and snack replacements, lots of water, and
fruits and vegetables. It comes in a box with everything you need to release
weight and eliminate your cravings successfully (just add water, fruits, and
vegetables.) It’s so simple you can’t screw it up. I promise.

Get the support you need.

I am putting a group of people together to do the RESET  with my
support. RESET and the principles of low-glycemic eating changed my
relationship with food forever. I believe in this program because it’s what
keeps us slim, healthy, and happy (along with OutdoorFit of course). I’ve also
guided many others through the program, helping them loose 5, 25, and even 45
pounds .

Join Today to start Reset on May 19th!

Timing not right for you? Register anytime and allow 2 weeks to receive your products.

Here’s what you get:

·     RESET 5-day high-fiber cleanse (5-day supply of low glycemic meal and
snack replacements and Dr. Northrup’s favorite vitamins.,

· I will coach you during the 5 day Reset. I will be available to answer any
questions and will create a personalized plan for getting rid of your carb
cravings and unwanted pounds.

·     Daily support emails with valuable tips, insights, and inspiration to
keep you steady on your course during the 5-day cleanse

·     Unlimited email access to me during the 5-day RESET to ensure that you’re
getting the customized support you need

· An online workout for you to integrate into your week.

Ready to get started? Click here.
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