What do you do when you are feeling flat and maybe a bit depressed?

What do you do when you are feeling flat and maybe a bit depressed?I start decluttering and cleaning in the corners. Last week, I had my son Sam pull the refrigerator out so I could vacuum behind it. Oh my! I live with a Golden retriever and there was so much dust and hair behind the refrigerator. It was so satisfying! It didn’t stop there. I cleaned my oven door with boiling water, baking soda and a ball of aluminum foil. I sent before and after photos to my sister Patty and my niece Katie. They too appreciate a clean and well taken care of home. I also got out the carpet cleaner. I cleaned the bedroom carpeting and all the rugs. It gives me peace when I come home to a clean house. I am getting the urge to paint our bedroom. It is a pale yellow, Benjamin Moore’s Windham Cream. I am over my yellow phase. I am leaning towards my latest color Feather Down. “An eye-pleasing off white that verges on beige.” Most of our home is becoming Feather Down. I also made wash and wear linen curtains. I don’t want heavy curtains that need to be dry cleaned. It is all very soothing to me.


The work is all great and keeps me busy. I end up with a cleaner home. There is part of me that feels like I am wasting my time and it is a distraction from more meaningful work. I reached out to my friend, Andreea of Little Bites of Joy. She is very wise. She said, “I think we process a lot when we declutter.” She said follow your heart. So, for now, I will keep decluttering and cleaning. Painting our bedroom Feather Down is next on the schedule. Photos to come.

What do you do when you feel flat and a bit depressed? I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading.