A powerful cup of coffee with a friend.

Today, I had coffee with a friend. We sat on a bench overlooking a marina on the Shrewsbury River. I noticed there was a small boat with a Trump, “Make America Great” Flag. This started an interesting conversation about having a voice and voting.

I decided to open up to my friend. I knew she would still be my friend at the end of the story. It is not an easy one to tell. Here goes. President Trump has changed my life. I have never paid much attention to politics. To tell you the truth, most of the time I would ask my very smart husband who he was voting for. I would ask how are you answering the questions on the ballot. He would reply something like,Yes, Yes and No for the third one. I trusted Dan’s judgment. He is very detail oriented. I would usually vote the same way because I knew he had done his homework.

Dan and I didn’t agree on the Presidential election 4 years ago. There was a part of me that just couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. My friend asked me “why I couldn’t vote for her and I could vote for Trump”. That was a hard question to answer. I realized that I look to men for leadership more so than women, I am embarrassed to admit.  I was appalled when Hillary said you could put half of Trump supporters into the basket of deplorables. However, when Trump imitated a person with cerebral palsy and called people stupid I let that slide. Why? Do I expect more empathy and compassion from a woman? Probably so.

I have changed quite a bit in the past four years. I no longer ask my husband how he is voting. Dan was never comfortable with the situation. I guess he put up with it because he loves me.  I am no longer a Republican. I am now registered as an Independent. I don’t want to be affiliated with either party. I am paying attention. I care about this country. I care about climate change and renewable sustainable resources. I care about the quality of our food sources. I care about medical freedom and being able to choose what is best for my body.  I want a President with integrity who prioritizes all of those issues as well.

Knowledge can come from unexpected sources.  I am grateful that I have started to pay attention and I learn from my mistakes. It is important.

I will be open to voting for a woman. The best idea might just be to elect Grandmothers to run the world! A Grandmother is wise and knows how to speak her mind. She can be tough and would think long and hard before sending her grandson and granddaughter off to war. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.



“A vote is never an intelligent vote when it is cast without knowledge. Just doing what someone else tells you to do without any effort to find out what the facts are for yourself is being a poor citizen.” Eleanor Roosevelt

10 thoughts on “A powerful cup of coffee with a friend.

  1. Mary, I love this! Your openness and honesty have touched my heart to tears.
    I’m honored to call you my friend. Thank you for starting a much needed conversation at a perfect time. Your words are thought-provoking and meaningful. I’m grateful for your courage and your voice. ❤️ Vicky

  2. I don’t think you are the only woman who has had similar thoughts. The subject of voting and politics has always been under that heading “ we don’t talk about those things” sex, money and politics. However when you think about it they are 3 of the most important areas of life a woman needs to be informed about! It’s our responsibility to have our own agency in those matters.

  3. Hi Mary, the first thing I noticed when I opened this page was the photo of you in an absolutely perfect pushup position. Beautiful. Then I moved on to your wise words. Some of us are more soul searching and thoughtful than others. I fall into the ‘than others’ category. I am not proud that I am a knee-jerk reactionary type but that seems to be my tendency. I won’t say too much here re: specific politics (I, moments ago, shared a specifically worded post to my FB page that instantly generated push back….so trouble may be brewing) but I will say that the very things you named as important to you are also important to me and I will be voting for candidates who support my beliefs. But, really, that’s no different for me than in previous elections. I am not a one or two-issue voter, I strive to be an informed voter and always hope not to be disappointed by my choices.

    It has been nearly 2 years since we met at Worlds in Carson. One month after winning the championship Jim was hit by a car (for the 3rd time) during a training ride and has accepted that the time may be near when he can no longer bounce back, so the bike has been hung up for good. Now he is doing track (field) events, currently focusing on the discus. Safer for him, maybe not so much for others nearby.

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