“Confessions of a health coach.”

I have been missing it action because I have not felt so fit and fabulous. I hurt my back, S I joint 6 weeks ago and  haven’t done a single BURPEE since. I have been in physical therapy and am making slow progress.

I have lost a few pounds during this time, probably muscle but I thought it is time to do a DETOX.

SOOOO, here goes I am giving up my morning coffee and replacing it with a protein shake. I have been drinking coffee since I was 16 years old. I started when I was a meat wrapper at  the local super market after school and in the summer. Everything would stop for a  15 minute coffee break.

So, of course I would have a cup full of cream and sugar. Delicious! Growing up my grandparents and my mother  loved  coffee with a sweet treat. My Mom still does!

I am finding that it now longer serves me but I drink it anyway. I imagine going to retreats like Sanoviv or Carmen Marshall’s Bali retreat and I think what if they don’t have coffee.  I think it is time to see how I feel with out it.

I made a protein shake this afternoon with all the right ingredients. Not bad…prepping for Monday morning when I trade in my coffee pot for my vitamix . The vitamix was something I HAD to have as a Health coach…you have seen all of the videos and Facebook post about smoothies.

Super power ingredients!

Super power ingredients!

Giving up wine in the evening will be another post.

Wish me well…blessings to you! This will be a LIFE  CHANGING Ride.

Making a comeback!



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