“I grew up on Happy Hour.”

Day 2 of my 10 day detox. I am waiting to feel vibrant and healthy. I am still in  a caffeine withdrawal fog.

On to the next part of the day. “I grew up on Happy Hour.” My dad traveled a lot for business and my mom was home with 8 kids. Can you imagine? When my dad was home , my parents would always and still do have happy hour. I give them credit for stopping and taking the time to connect at the end of the day. My two brothers still are invited every Monday for Martini Monday at my parents. It is a special group…invitation only! My Dad starting running marathons in his 50’s and his shirt was “Martini Powered”.

My parents are living well into their 80’s so God Bless.


Back to me, every night when I make dinner I like to have a glass of wine. I do try to stick with organic wine.  So sorry, but no alcohol on the 10 day detox. I debated about this program because I know of another program that allows for a cup of coffee and a glass of red wine. It sounds so much better. BUT, I think it is good to stop just so you know you can:) It is not an easy thing for me. I start feeling agitated because I need to make dinner and I don’t always feel like it. A glass of wine just makes it a nicer time.

I am so grateful that I am detoxing as a group. Accountability is a good thing. My spirit and attitude will be changing.



water and lemon this week.

water and lemon this week.